An introduction to science. You will study aspects of the living, material and physical world and look at the nature of science

Develop your understanding of the world around you. Explore the nature of science, study the living, material and physical world in more depth and learn about some Earth systems.

The Science course covers a range of different science topics which will help you to develop a greater understanding of the world around you. It will also provide you with a strong foundation for the full range of science courses offered in Year 12.  Assessment is a mixture of internal and external achievement standards.

The Applied Science course allows you to study science in a range of everyday contexts. The course may lead to Year 12 Science or Environmental Science. It is assessed internally, and you may be offered the opportunity to take some unit standards.

A course that provides students with some broad science knowledge and skills.  Only internally assessed NCEA Achievement Standards are used so students do not have to sit an external exam at the end of the year.  

Students learn about micro-organisms, astronomical cycles, heat transfer and electrical circuits.  

Course content is designed to be linked to experiences in students' everyday lives.

The Health Science Academy is a small class of enthusiastic year 11 students whose science programme has been changed from the regular content to learning about science in a medical context.  Students do 8 hours of science a week (instead of mainstream 4) therefore the students are required to drop an option.  The academy has a strong emphasis on mentoring and building peer relationships so the students learn in a supportive environment.  They are introduced to different health careers through having guest speakers in the class room, field trips to tertiary institutions and practical hands on experiences in class.