This is for students who elect to take the scholarship standard in Year 13. 

This is a report which is written about the Technology practice you have undertaken to gain your level 3 Textiles technology

Year 13 is an exciting year full of creativity and design. You will be pushed to work on your skills in fashion drawing and in construction, making your own patterns from your own blocks and ultimately your own designed and constructed garment. This will be something you will be so proud of showing off you will have to do the fashion shoot to get the best photos for your portfolio!

In year 12 you will learn more about fashion history, the elements and principles of design and how they are seen in different eras of fashion. This will be the inspiration for your design ideas to make your garment and to present your finished item in a fashion shoot. This is a fun course with lots of activity in making and designing.

Year 10 is the preparation for the NCEA courses in the senior school, so we are concentrating on your skills and knowledge so you can confidently move into the next year. We also have lots of fun with making jeweller; making a leisure garment; upcycling and wearable arts.

This is the start of your textiles journey and we welcome you and hope you have fun in our course. You will learn to sew, design, draw, and understand patterns to enable you to become more confident at being creative and experimenting with fashion and design.