By the completion of this course, you should be able to:

- Demonstrate knowledge of sport participants needs and characteristics, and how best to coach/work with beginner, intermediate and advanced level participants;

- Participate actively in a variety of physical activities, and demonstrate a high level of social responsibility while doing so;

- Demonstrate leadership strategies in a primary school setting, and use these strategies to create an effectively functioning group;

- Plan and implement a successful touch rugby tournament for the Year 11 PE students;

- Analyse group processes from a sporting situation that you have been involved in throughout the year.

By the completion of this course, you should be able to:

-Demonstrate leadership and have strong communication skills in a sporting environment;

-Develop your knowledge and understanding of coaching principles and methods of how to plan and coach a session for young people;

-Demonstrate knowledge of injury prevention and management in sport and recreation;

-Provide first aid and respond to an emergency care situation for an outdoor activity;

-Develop self-confidence, sensitivity to, and respect for other people.